Maximize Your Nexus Summit Experience

Nexus Summit is a gathering of some of the most accomplished and forward-thinking professionals in the field. Here are some tips to help you make sure you get the most out of your experience.


  • Build your onsite agenda. One week prior to the event, build your personal agenda. You can use the “My Schedule” feature in the Guidebook mobile app. Be sure to include the sessions you’ll be attending, as well as any meetings you’ve set up in advance with other attendees. Also, don’t forget to include great networking opportunities such as the Welcome Reception, the Nexus Fair, Poster Sessions, and more.
  • Review your education options. Before the event, finalize which education sessions are of interest and benefit to you.
  • Make some connections. One or two weeks before the event, go through your contact list and consider reaching out to some of them in advance to set up a meeting time/place. Don't be shy about approaching presenters and other experts. They’re more accessible than you might think, and many of them are at the event to expand their own professional connections.


  • Take notes during the education sessions, during your visit to the Nexus Fair and Poster Sessions, and while at your personal meetings.
  • Reserve “open space” in your schedule to network and collaborate with other conference participants. Take advantage of both formal (such as the Welcome Reception) and informal (such as common areas of the event) to meet new people. Remember, the meaningful connections you build at the event can be every bit as valuable as the formal programming.


  • Capture the important details. While it’s still fresh in your mind (perhaps on the ride home), write a concise 1-2 page summary of what happened at the event and how you will use the information to further the initiatives of your organization. Use your onsite agenda and conference notes you to help you.
  • Share the insights. If the knowledge you gained might also be useful to others in your organization, consider rewriting portions of your summary as a blog or sharing it with others through your organization’s internal communication channels. Sharing useful information with colleagues is another great way to build support for future event requests.