Ana Marin, MPH
Research Data Analyst, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, University of California, Davis

Ana Marin is a research data analyst at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. She works with the System-transforming, Patient-centered Longitudinal Interprofessional Community-based Education (SPLICE) Program. Marin is responsible for data acquisition, data management data analysis and evaluation for SPLICE. She collaborates with various team members, including external clinical agencies to create systems for data collection and management. Marin previous experience includes working in public health and at a federally qualified health care center.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This workshop will provide a brief overview of using simulation for education and walk participants through the process of incorporating interprofessional elements into simulation scenarios within their organization. Participants will leave this workshop with a basic framework of how to better incorporate interprofessional practice in simulation.