Bonnie Ervin, MSW
Instructor, Honors Faculty (ASU School of Social Work), Field Instructor and Outreach Director (SHOW), Arizona State University (ASU) College of Public Service and Community Solutions, School of Social Work, Student Health Outreach for Wellness (SHOW)

Ms. Bonnie Ervin, MSW, is the social work preceptor for an interprofessional integrated care internship unit of undergraduate and graduate social work students with an emphasis on workforce and leadership development. Her work is focused on innovative community partnerships, interprofessional education advancements through field education and integrating social determinants of health into primary care service delivery. As a  team member with the Interprofessional by Design™: Meeting at the Crossroads to Accelerate Leadership Competency and Readiness for Transition to Interprofessional Practice grant she serves as lead preceptor for integrating the practice lens into innovative curriculum design.


Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
Interprofessional leadership models based on hierarchy and personality are no longer relevant in today’s complex healthcare environment.  Contemporary leadership preparation requires experiential learning deeply embedded in IPEC® and leadership competencies.  In this workshop, participants crosswalk IPEC® and leadership competencies and practice ways to operationalize them in fast-paced clinical settings.