Libby Kyllo, RT
Learning and Development Specialist, Sanford Health

Libby Kyllo is a Learning and Development Specialist for the Bridging Health and Home Program in Mayville. In this innovative role, she works to connect participants with resources in the community as well as assisting the RN with managing the Bridging Center and implementing this program into the community. She is a Master Trainer in the chronic disease self–management program, Better Choices Better Health. Libby has an Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Care. She has worked for Sanford Health as a Respiratory Therapist for 3 years before transitioning into this innovative role.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:
This interactive workshop explores the possibilities for interprofessional community building using lessons learned from the Bridging Health and Home program. This program intertwines a nurse-led interprofessional care delivery team, complemented by Faith Community Nursing, and evidenced-based self-management programs to improve the ability to age in place for rural older adults.