Mary Jo Guglielmo, MPH
Rush University, College of Health Sciences

Assistant Dean, Assistant Professor Rush University, College of Health Sciences
Mary Jo Guglielmo, MPH, is Assistant Dean in the College of Health Sciences, an Assistant Professor in Health Sciences Department and the interim program director of the Bachelor of Health Sciences at Rush University. She is a member of the faculty team that directs the Inter-professional Education course at Rush and participates in the Rush Center for Interprofessionalism Steering Committee. Ms. Guglielmo plays a key role in the communication process between the programs within the College of Health Science and the interprofessional education committee.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

In this workshop, presenters will describe how Rush University effectively used a community-based model of service learning to develop interprofessional learning environments for collaborative practice. Workshop participants should come prepared with a list of potential community engagement sites.  Participants will develop and share implementation ideas of interprofessional service learning.